Our Trans Home SF services include rental assistance, transitional housing and navigation, advocacy and provider training. 

Taimon Booton Navigation Center

The Taimon Booton Navigation Center is a 90 day shelter centering the needs of TGI people and sex workers experiencing homelessness.  Our navigation center can be an immediate place of safety and respite when living on the streets and seeking gender-affirming shelter.  Staffed 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week, the TBNC provides around the clock support to our clients to help pave the way towards housing stability.

The Bobbi Jean Baker House

A Home for Life's Transitions

Our Trans Home's Bobbi Jean Baker House on Capp Street in San Francisco's Mission District is an independent living home dedicated to housing TGI individuals currently experiencing homelessness. The Bobbi Jean Baker House is an 18 room, 3 floor house with a supportive community living environment and integrated housing case management services to support residents on their path to securing long-term housing stability. 

Rental Subsidy

Keeping Our Community Housed

The Our Trans Home Rental Subsidy program provides financial rent support for TGI people in the Bay Area, CA based on income.

If you are at risk of losing your housing or need additional support to secure or maintain housing you may qualify for our rental support program. 

The program also provides on-going housing navigation support to help support you on your pathway towards housing stability. 


Ending Homelessness and Housing Instability for Transgender People in the Bay Area, CA.

The Our Trans Home SF coalition is working to address & raise visibility of trans homelessness & housing instability in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The coalition is partnering with community leaders and City Departments to call for policy and institutional change.

Also, the coalition is leading public education campaigns and providing comprehensive trans inclusion trainings to shelter and housing providers across the City.