OTH SF Online Subsidy Application

8/30/2023: Our Trans Home SF is currently in a transitionary period as we have had slowly decreasing support from our parent organization. Due to this development in addition to our current (extremely limited) funding and staffing levels, OTH SF is currently at capacity. The Bobbi Jean Baker House is currently not accepting new participants and the Rental Subsidy program no longer has a surplus of un-promised funds to distribute (nor the infrastructure needed to scale the program to handle more subsidies).

For this reason, while you may still apply to the program, we will likely not be able to assist you, at least not in the near future.

There is a very small chance that we can distribute small 1-time assistance funds for our most vulnerable 2-3% of applicants. This can cover 1 month of rent, documented rental move in costs (security deposit, first and last months rent, etc.), or documented back rent. However, as the funds are incredibly limited, we absolutely cannot guarantee this assistance for anyone. If you do decide to apply anyways, please understand that we likely will not be able to offer any assistance for multiple months or potentially even until mid-2024 when we receive our next guaranteed round of funding.

To apply for any Our Trans Home SF subsidies, please fill out the application located below. In order to be considered for any OTH subsidy, documentation (including Photo ID, Income Verification, your Lease, and your Landlord's W-9) must also be submitted.  You can submit all of these documents here.

This application needs to be filled out before any subsidies can begin. In addition, it also needs to be submitted every 18 months once a recurring subsidy begins.