OTH SF Online Income Attestation

If (and ONLY if) you don't have any other means to verify your income (including paystubs, bank statements, SSI Reward Letter, etc.), you may instead fill out an Income Attestation form. 

To do so, you can either fill out the form online and sign using docusign (the first option below). Alternatively, you can download the Income Attestation PDF, print it out, fill it out and sign, and then either mail it to us or scan it in so it can be submitted on the Document Submission Page (the second option below). 

A valid signature (either through docusign or a "wet" [pen ink] signature) is required for your Income Attestation to be accepted.

Online Income Attestation through Docusign:

If there are any issues using this form on our website, you can access it directly HERE!

Income Attestation PDF (to be printed and hand-signed):



Fillable Income Attestation.pdf
OTH SF Testamento de Ingreso.pdf